The rule was extended to BYU in 1968, but does not mean the campus is caffeine-free: students can choose to drink other caffeinated beverages if they wish, even though the university does not officially sell or serve them (note the caffeine-free A&W Root Beer and Sprite at the "BYU Cafe" in the photo above).Before the ban on "hot drinks" went into effect, BYU cracked down on No-Doz caffeine pills in 1967 by removing them from the nationally marketed "Campus Pac" school supply packages before carrying them at the BYU bookstore.Brigham Young University in Provo, UT, was established in 1875 by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as a private university.

We also make it easy to report inappropriate behavior in the app, to maintain a positive environment for everyone.

In the words of Brigham Young, "This is the place."------------------------- Mutual is free to download and use.

Most girls go there with hopes of not getting an education, but meeting a nice, good-looking returned missionary to take to the temple and get hitched to.

It's a very nice school, but like I said, it's a meat market.

PROVO — Students at Brigham Young University are dating more than young men and women at other colleges but are also refraining from sex, according to a study.

There is, however, a whole lot of kissing going on at BYU, said students interviewed in the Cougar Eat in the Wilkinson Student Center.

He taught sociology at the university for 35 years and did a survey on dating and marriage at BYU.

According to a national study previous to Chadwick's survey, students at other colleges have pretty much ceased dating and are simply hanging out and "hooking up," which can be anything from kissing to having sex — all with no commitment.

He added he has never personally participated in a NCMO.