Bei Mädchen und Frauen wird hingegen zum Teil das gesamte äußere Genital entfernt.

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But inequality continued to worsen – with striking data showing that average life expectancy in the US was on the decline.

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Economic forecasting is notoriously difficult; but, notwithstanding the truth expressed in Harry Truman’s request for a one-armed economist (who wouldn’t be able to say “on the other hand”), my record has been credible.

In recent years, I correctly foresaw that, in the absence of stronger fiscal stimulus (which was not forthcoming in either Europe or the United States), recovery from the Great Recession of 2008 would be slow.Welcome to Best Dating, your source for finding the best online dating site.With so many of them out there today, it can be very difficult to find an online dating website that fits all of your needs.Die Weltgesundheitsorganisation schätzt, dass weltweit 200 Millionen beschnittene Mädchen und Frauen leben. Hat das mit Religion zu tun, oder ist es eine Tradition? Hier sind fünf Fragen und fünf Antworten zum Kampf gegen weibliche Genitalverstümmelung.Bis in die 80er Jahre hinein war in weiten Kreisen tatsächlich noch von weiblicher Beschneidung die Rede.WIDA is a test given to assess incoming and current non-native English speaking students.