Common to both the loop and non-looping images the overlay toggles area one of the best features of the enhanced view.Located below the main radar image, using these toggles, you have the ability to turn the various overlays graphics on and off.We also offer a custom premium forecast product for customers who pay for the Zoom Map.

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K.: London Above Custom Weather image auto-updates every 15 minutes More maps: Mosaic | Radar Loop | NWS | SPC | Temps | 2 | Chill | Storm Reports strives to deliver as many relevant and updated local weather and live webcam resources as possible in easy-to-navigate pages.

Remember us when looking for a weather forecast or current conditions via an online weather provider or local station.

The map comes as a URL opened by any browser which can be customized to fit the dimensions of the signage. Features are available a la carte thus you will pay less if you add less features. We will send you an “iframe” with your custom map URL inside. You must broadcast a manual or GPS location to be placed properly on the map.

Whether your signage is interactive or not the map is nice addition. Hi-Res Radar with snow/Ice detection, Live Storm Chaser Streaming, polygon severe warnings, Local Storm Tracks with Time of Arrival, Local Storm Reports, Local Temperatures and Winds, full screen, pin drop, map centering location detection, location search bar, pan and zoom buttons. We can supply you with a map to insert into your own app but we do not have our own apps. Just copy and paste the code into the HTML section of your website manager. Visit Is the storm chaser video compatible with all devices and browsers? There may be some isolated situations where the browser version or device OS is not compatible. Yes we can provide chasers with a map featuring only their chase vehicle. Zoom Radar was founded in 2007 as the internet’s first interactive radar!!

Thus at any given time multiple servers are running our maps. But rest assured Zoom Radar has 24/7 on call support if a problem arises. Non emergency concerns will be addressed during regular business hours Mon – Friday 9am-5pm eastern. We know you will find our customer service is 2 Do you offer radar for Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska?

Yes we can offer radar for the areas which can easily be added to any map.

One method is simply that the toggle switches are preserved as you move from radar to radar using the "Adjacent Radars" arrows.

Is the Zoom Radar map compatible with mobile devices? Does the Zoom Radar Map work on Digital Signage/ Display? The Zoom Radar weather map is being used successfully by many digital signage companies. You can choose from a variety of features, map location & zoom level, map width/ height and even add your custom logo. Zoom Radar’s chaser layer is a partnership with Severe Studios Severe Streaming. All chasers should be properly trained to chase safely.

Some TV stations even offer streaming weather radars. Also, visit live webcams and a live weather station from Fort Worth, Texas.