This means that a relationship with him will probably feel pretty one sided, but he's trying his best!

Noct's royal blood means he's expected to protect the kingdom one day, and this has made him a little rebellious, but he's also more imperious and composed than some of his friends. He will never actually verbally express that he cares for you, and even when he tries to be nice he comes off sounding like a douche!

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Are you: a) Hitting the snooze button to lie in bed contemplating your day in an unenthusiastic but ultimately resigned fashion. If Noct ever stares into the middle distance and doesn't respond to you, don't worry! Perfect date: A long walk through the city so he can be passive aggressive at you, and you can start to peel back his layers by killing him with kindness. Gladiolus' family have been guardians to the royal family for years!

Noct is technically already engaged to a princess, but he ain't married yet!

d) Difficulty relating to others or relinquishing self control. Noctis is cute and shy, but tries to bluster around it by acting like kind of a dick! ) Noct is guarded and takes a long time to warm up to people, but when it comes down to it he'll treat people with basic respect.

c) Minor inferiority complex and general confidence issues which are overcompensated for. a) Autumn b) Summer c) Spring d) Winter Mostly As - You should date Noctis!

Final Fantasy XV is fronted by a group of hotties, and we know you'd love to date all of them - but which one is right for you? c) Sleeping through it, turning up late, and falling through the door going "I'm here! Gladiolus doesn't start fights but he will finish them!

b) Getting up precisely on time and cheerfully making eggs. d) Not home; you've already left and will be there early, making everyone else feel kind of bad. How much bare upper body is it acceptable for a person to have on show on an everyday basis? Likes: brooding, fishing, talking to people gruffly without making eye contact, black clothes. He looks tough but in reality he's a big strong sweetheart and is very friendly!

He practically has to kick you out of his studio apartment and remind you that you have kids waiting at home.

Of course, artists have limited cash flow, but since you work two jobs, you're happy to pick up the tab when you go out to dinner, telling yourself the adult conversation is totally worth it.

What kind of overall look do you prefer in a partner? b) Had career preordained from birth; facial scar (more cosmetic than disfiguring if we're honest).