Keep up the good work." "It was a great place to stay and explore the town. We would stay here again" "Thanks for upgrading us to one of the bigger suites. We made our meal in guest kitchen, while our kids played pool and had fun. Very nice place and we do not have any hesitation to recommend this lodge to others. The house she took was capable of accommodating several families, and she considered it a safe investment for her "earnings." I shall leave the place, though certainly not with any intention of accommodating you.

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Recognizing the importance of providing opportunities to the youth in particular, the Government of India has oriented its employment guarantee programmes to accommodate and provide for the aspirations of the growing numbers of young people that access the job market every year.

Indigenous peoples are subject to discrimination and inequality in almost all aspects of housing, including laws and policies that have discriminatory effects, discriminatory allocation of resources for housing and discriminatory practices of private landlords in the rental market (which often prevents them from renting even the worst accommodation).

The imported definitions may be significantly out of date, and any more recent senses may be completely missing.

Our relentless pursuit of quality service and customer care has gained acknowledgement from satisfied clients who would write fulfillment testimonials about us and come to our office with "pasalubongs," yey! I apologize for procrastinating, have been very busy at work, will be sending it soon :-)We must admit that you have provided us with a vivid, clear and very colorful memories of our wedding because to be honest, you made every angle and pose very natural and artistic.

Section III relates to coordination on air travel matters across the United Nations system, section IV to the use of frequent flyer miles for official travel, section V to tracking of costs associated with commercial air travel in the Secretariat, section VI to the implementation of the travel module of the enterprise resource planning project, Umoja, and section VII to the delegation of authority to grant exceptions to the standard of accommodation for air travel.

Another challenge, briefly touched on above, arises when “integration” is confused with “inclusion”: where learners with disabilities are merely placed in mainstream schools without the additional support required to accommodate their individual needs.

With an accommodating chaperon who knew no German, the couple could do and say what they pleased.

We went to a sort of inn kept by an accommodating native who promised to get up a good dinner for us.

We enjoyed our stay and certainly will stay here again." "Great place to stay in Fernie, well priced. Very convenient location, only a short walk to the town center.