But 3DXChat takes both components and manages to blend them into a seamless sexual experience.

Click here to check the game Designed primarily as a chat room, it takes on the format of a game like the Sims where you can upgrade and pretty much design every aspect of your avatar.

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3DXChat is the web's newest downloadable interactive game strictly made for adults who want to connect and feel a unique sensual experience in the virtual 3D world of gaming.

Looking for hot 3D virtual sex with a real partner?

Give your virtual 3D sex experience a touch of realism!

For those of us who grew up in the ‘gaming generation’, video games have always been a part not only of our upbringing but our lifestyle.

For example penetration, hug and kissing issues depending on the size of the avatars. Brett Smith: It’s not enough to make money if that’s what you mean. Especially when I work with someone I personally like – actually I only work with those I personally like.

Brett Smith: Every movie and video you see there involves a person behind the avi.

Click here to check the game To supplement this they have a number of ‘public’ locations, including everything from a beach that could be out of Thailand, a bumping disco club replete with Live DJs and pole dancers, and even the deck of a luxury yacht.

Today’s interview is actually not with a Second Life porn producer.

And with one of the biggest industries in the tech world, it’s not surprise that other companies would look to offer some adult entertainment in the same medium.

With online cam sites where you can chat, flirt, and masturbate to scantily clad honeys across the world, and virtual reality sites that offer 360 degree stereoscopic videos using a headset like the Oculus or Samsung Gear, one thing is very clear: our interactions online have become increasingly more intimate and accessible to our wildest fantasies.

that doesn't know where the human head is located. As for being better than SL, it will have to pass quite a few tests, in regards to all that it can offer, in terms of just how much user creativity it welcomes, be it custom content or supporting less "popular" fetishes, or doing things outside of the standard "looking for sex" scenario. Still, "now there's a charge for what I used to give for free," and it's all a bit of a mess of conversion rates and marketing and hoping enough people pay virtual money to use your designs for you to get enough real money on the exchange to make back what you paid for the membership that allowed you to do the design work, so I haven't bothered.