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He could have played for the majority of teams in college football. When you've got a quarterback (Nick Marshall) the year before that led your team to the national championship, and really probably did everything he needed to do, that's a fine line. We had those discussions because of our confidence in Jeremy. You've talked often about the potential of this team and how it hinges on the players improving each week.22Social provides a simple system to help you collect payments and schedule 1-on-1 sessions right inside your Facebook Page.We recommend using You Tube Hangouts On Air to host & record your private client meetings. I'd say him and Cam (Newton) are similar as far as speed. Fans and media will make the comparisons between Jeremy and Cam Newton when they hear that.And he had a lot of success in high school running the football. I'm not too much into predicting how many yards he's gonna rush for and all that.This is a free built-in tool inside your You Tube account.